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WineSafe Fee Schedule

Storage Fees

These are pre-paid annual fees for the storage only. While they are non-refundable, you can exchange cases of the same size at any time without incurring extra storage costs.

Here are our rates. All cases are 12 bottles/6 magnums/24 halves unless stipulated otherwise:

  • 1 x 6 bottle half case - $19.80 per annum
  • 1-19 cases - $34.20 per case per annum
  • 20-99 cases - $29.40 per case per annum
  • 100-499 cases - $26.40 per case per annum
  • 500+ cases - $ 25.20 per case per annum incl.
  • Individually boxed bottles - $3.60 each.
    Eg. Bollinger R.D.; Mc Donalds "Tom", etc
  • Individual Magnums - $7.20 each
  • Double Magnums - $14.40 etc

For storage fees, a case is defined as holding 12 x 750ml bottles.


Insurance is a necessary expense and at WineSafe it is compulsory. Whilst your wines are in our care they are insured against breakage or theft by a staff member under our own insurance cover at no cost to you. Due to the combined value of the cellars we hold, we have an insurance rate that's hard to beat. Full insurance cover against fire, earthquake and burglary is just 1.5% of the agreed value of your wine.

Deposit & withdrawal fees

These are administration and handling fees which are charged on a per visit/same day basis. 
A closed case is one that comes with an owner or winery supplied inventory of its contents, and does not require opening. An open case is one that we must open in order to inventory.

For deposit and withdrawal purposes, a 'case' can mean either 6 or 12 bottles.


  • 1st case - $20.00 - open or closed
  • $6.00 per case - subsequent closed case deposit - Client inventoried
  • $12.00 per case - subsequent open case deposit - WineSafe inventoried


  • 1st case- $15.00 / $20.00 mixed*
  • $ 4.00 per case - subsequent whole case withdrawal same visit
  • $20.00 per case - subsequent mixed* case withdrawals - same visit, client specified 

*A mixed case can contain wines sourced from up to 4 other cases.

Packing & Couriers

If we are required to prepare cases for courier delivery, the resources used and the time involved increase somewhat. We charge $5 or $10 per 6/12 bottle case for time and materials, depending on condition. If the box is fine as is, it's $5. If we have to re-box/repack it - it's $10. Styrofoam tubes are extra.

N.B. Our insurance cover does not extend to wines in transit because both courier and freight companies view those wines as belonging to you, not us, so we are unable to arrange cover. 

Wines that are purchased from Truffle that do not enter WineSafe, are viewed differently, and are covered under our shop insurance.

Courier fee per case - couriered anywhere in Wellington - $5.50

Per case - couriered anywhere else in the North Island - $11.50

Per case - couriered anywhere in the South Island - $17.50


The Wine Safe is a long term storage facility, designed to co-exist with your home cellar rather than replace it, and as such we have a minimum tenancy period of two years.

Please note that these prices are our normal retail rates and include G.S.T.

Effective 20/12/2015