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Welcome to The Wine Safe - owned and run by wine lovers, for wine lovers.

WineSafe pioneered wine storage here in New Zealand, and it remains one of only two facilities that are solely and properly dedicated to wine. 

WineSafe is a secure, private, climate controlled facility, dedicated to fine wine. It has been owned and run by its original owner for over 20 years.

None of us would park a Ferrari on the street, yet we often don't give the same consideration to our other investments. The Wine Safe offers ideal long term storage conditions for your fine wine with constant temperature and humidity control, no ultraviolet light, and no vibration.

The temperature and humidity are kept at 13 degrees celcius, plus or minus half a degree, and 68-72% humidity. Access to the premises is strictly limited and is monitored by a state-of-the-art security system, linked to the same national security company who patrol the building 7 days a week. 

There are some great side benefits to using professionally managed storage - more available home space, a lack of temptations, and no struggling with awkward wine lockers.

WineSafe's main purpose is to accommodate your long term cellaring wines and is intended as an addition to your home cellar, to complement and improve your current storage situation, rather than replace it. As such, our minimum rental period is three years. We have over 400 long term customers, and over 30,000 bottles in our care. We also offer an individual cellar management service for Corporates and larger private cellars.

Please note that as we are a relatively small facility in the global scheme of things, we are frequently unable to accept new clients.

John Follas 
Phone 04 385-2802


"A good wine is like a sorcerer who dispenses happiness."